• Helps in developing and in revealing the strengths and talents of each child and assists in forming balanced, bright, creative and independent personalities which can effectively adapt to the modern and rapidly changing world;
  • provides a comfortable, positive and safe environment;
  • works with professional and modern-minded teachers with extensive experience in pre-school and primary education. We use specialized methodology like Maria Montessori and Waldorf and the most successful, up –to-date elements which will help in developing your children in this modern and progressive world.


  • Welcome children from overseas and helps your child adapt and communicate with his new environment;
  • works with multicultural teachers speaking different languages which will help your child to feel more comfortable.

By encountering different cultures and languages, your children will effectively integrate into the modern environment.


Every Friday, a compilation of successful achievements is drawn up. This serves as a preschool news feed. Teachers of each group which shared the information of all assignment completing during the week.

Apart from being a lovely reading activity for you and your child on Friday evenings, it is also a good way for parents to find out more about their children. The news feed reflects the everyday life at Sunflower, where children share the cheer, jokes and pictures of kidergarten life.


At Sunflower children are also offered elements of M. Montessori and Waldorf learning methods. They are usually introduced from the age of 2.5 years, with Practical Life Exercises and sensorial activities, which are reflected in the child’s actions and care for themselves and the surrounding environment.